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Final check-in with Carl, the SA teen who got to go to the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ with COPA Coca Cola
Posted by on Jun 19th, 2014

If you’ve been following my weekly updates with Carl Van Rensburg then you will know the SA teenager was lucky enough to be chosen to attend the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ through the COPA Coca-Cola Programme. Well Carl is back in Cape Town and my coverage of his trip to Brazil has sadly come to an end. It has been an interesting initiative to be involved with and I can only imagine how eye opening it must have been for the kids who actually went hey. Won’t lie…was a tad jealous.

Carl on the left there.

I tried to find out what Carl’s highlights were from the trip, but he seemed pretty much overwhelmed by how amazing it all was. Totally understandable, I mean this is the kind of trip I would have done unspeakable things for. From walking out onto the pitch for the opening match, to watching the pros in action and being coached by the world’s best coaches, I doubt I would have been able to pick a highlight.

What was also rad about the initiative is that Coca-Cola didn’t just take these kids to Brazil for a sightseeing trip, but actually got them involved with activities that they will learn and grow from which is far more beneficial and a lot more memorable. Carl is already a talented soccer star and you never know hey…he or any of the other youngsters could be the next big name in football and the COPA Coca-Cola Camp in Brazil may have have just been that first step on the platform to stardom.

That said, I hope Carl doesn’t forget me when he’s earning a salary with an obscene amount of zeros in it. Hey Carl!

Been very cool to share his journey though and when he becomes a star one day i’ll be proud and say i was there when it all started.

And you can continue following the COPA Coca-Cola Tournament at

Good times.

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