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SPAR liquor shop displays live tied-up sheep in store as prize for buying alcohol [pics]
Posted by on Jun 17th, 2014

In-store promo fail of the day belongs to a Tops at SPAR liquor shop in the Eastern Cape who have had animal cruelty charges laid against them for displaying a tied-up live sheep in the store as a prize for buying specific bottles of alcohol. The sheep could not move or had no access to water.

According to the NSPCA:

A case has been opened at the Butterworth SAPS by the East London SPCA against role players in a cruel and inappropriate competition to win a live sheep. The animal was tied up and displayed as a prize in the Fuller Street TOPS SPAR in Butterworth in May 2014.

The photographs show a live sheep with its legs tied together on the floor of the bottle store without freedom of movement or access to water. A notice had been placed on the side of the animal stating that if customers purchase a bottle of two specific alcoholic drinks, they stand a chance of winning the animal.

The distributor, Henry Taylor and Ries (HTR) was informed of the cruel marketing strategy and a message of regret and apology was received from their Managing Director. When notified of the incident, the NSPCA contacted the SPAR customer services who failed to respond. A subsequent communication to the CEO and Marketing Managers of SPAR resulted in the NSPCA being advised the photographs were brought to the attention of the owner of the particular store who has investigated what happened and has taken “the necessary action to prevent any recurrence” [Read more HERE]

Tops at SPAR…no so much.

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