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Have you see what billionaire Douw Steyn’s R250 million house at the centre of Steyn City will look like [pics]
Posted by on Jun 17th, 2014

It’s no secret that South African insurance billionaire Douw Steyn is currently building an 800 hectare residential estate between Johannesburg and Pretoria. It supposed to be completed by next year and will reportedly cost R6 billion, include 11 000 residential units, a private hospital, schools, and upmarket office buildings. The Auto & General founder recently gave an interview on the Steyn City (yes that’s the name of the estate) website and spoke about the R250 million house he’s building at the centre of the development. And of course he’s calling his new digs Palazzo Steyn.

Let’s have a look at his little pad shall we.

Classy and not outlandish at all hey. I mean who doesn’t need an aqueduct surrounding your house with waterfalls into a lake below. Or a basement big enough to house 33 cars  for your collection of sport and vintage cars.

Needs more firepools though.

For the rare recent interview with Steyn click HERE.

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