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That GoPro video of the man fighting off a Great White shark you shared is fake dammit [video]
Posted by on Jun 13th, 2014

Ok so yesterday morning i said that a GoPro video of a man fighting off a Great White shark in Sydney Harbour was fake and i refused to post it. Fake ass fakety fake. It still went viral and at least a dozen people sent me the link wondering why i hadn’t posted it. So for those of you asking…here it is again and why it’s fake.

Right… now without getting all CSI and sh*t here are the 3 obvious reasons it’s not legit.

  • at the 59 second mark the shark goes from middle of the screen to bottom left in a single frame. Unless it can teleport that’s impossible
  • it’s not even the same f**king shark if you look at the markings on it’s tail
  • dude is screaming underwater, but makes no bubbles

There are several other inconsistencies, but blah blah blah McFakety fake.

Now you know.

So stop sending me the damn video.

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