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Check-in with Carl, the SA teen who got to walk onto the pitch during the 2014 FIFA™ World Cup opening ceremony
Posted by on Jun 13th, 2014

Right so the 2014 FIFA™ World Cup has finally kicked off and everyone in SA was glued to their televisions last night, everyone except my boy Carl Van Rensburg who was actually there in the stadium to watch the opening ceremony and get this…he actually got the opportunity to walk out onto the pitch during the ceremony. How’s that for a once in a lifetime moment hey?! If you’ve been following my updates with Carl then you will know that the SA teenager is part of the COPA Coca-Cola programme where 116 teens from 28 countries were handpicked to experience the FIFA World Cup live in Brazil.

That’s Carl second from left in the stadium for the opening game.

And an image he sent of the kickoff.

You’d think that just being flown to Brazil to see the biggest sporting event of the year would be an incredible experience as it is, but in true Coca-Cola® style they don’t just go big, they go huge and Carl and the rest of the team got to walk out onto the pitch at Sao Paulo’s Arena Corinthians Stadium for the opening ceremony. No doubt Carl will be telling his grandkids one day about that unforgettable experience.

If you want to know how his story ends, will update again next week, but in the mean time you can get updates by following @CocaCola and the #WorldsCupZA hashtag for more.

Good times.

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