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Update on Carl, the SA teen who landed in Brazil yesterday as part of the COPA Coca-Cola® programme
Posted by on Jun 12th, 2014

So on Monday i told you about the COPA Coca-Cola® programme and a lucky SA teen, Carl van Rensburg, who got picked to actually go to Brazil and watch the the 2014 FIFA™ World Cup live. I said i’d be following his progress because i think it’s a rad initiative and also i’m a tad jealous. Well Carl landed in Brazil yesterday along with a few other SA kids who got picked to go and well let’s just say my boy is stoked!

That’s Carl second from the left there. Dude looks the part hey. Well he is a soccer star in his own right if you read my initial post.

Long trip from South Africa to Brazil that would leave most regular travellers with jetlag, but when I checked in with Carl it seems like it didn’t phase him at all. He’s never left SA and pretty much everything was a first for him. He’s just arrived, but already so amped about all the things he’s seen and done so far and the countless more he’s still planning to do.

All kids on the COPA programme from across the world arrived yesterday and were thrown an epic welcome party. They got fully kitted out in all white attire, and celebrated their safe arrival and plans for the next few days. Carl and the other SA boys were able to meet kids from all around the world, and share their passion for football. Sounds like they have quite a trip ahead of them hey.

I’ll update his progress again next week so keep an eye on this story if you wanna know more. You can also follow @CocaCola and the #WorldsCupZA hashtag to see how the boys are doing.

Good times.

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