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Sportingbet is giving R1million to anyone who can correctly predict the first and second teams in all eight World Cup groups
Posted by on Jun 10th, 2014

Right, just a couple of days left before the Fifa World Cup 2014 kicks off and most of us are eagerly waiting to see some top class football. Gonna be a cracking tournament and i’ve already said my money is on Belgium, but i’ve had some side-eyes and all the armchair commentators have said no ways. So i told them to put their money where their pieholes are and place an actual bet. Not just any bet though…a bet that could see them walk away with R100 000 000. Yes that’s R1 million. And they don’t even have to put down any money. Got your attention now hey.

Get this, is giving away up to R1,000,000 to anyone who can correctly predict the first and second teams in all eight World Cup groups. EVERYONE with a Sportingbet account gets a FREE shot at the prize. If more than one person gets it right they split the prize. You can even get more guesses, but more on that later.

Regular LifeisSavage readers will be familiar with SportingBet since it’s the online betting service i use during the Super Rugby tournament and it’s the one i’ll be using during the World Cup.

Think you know you football? Well then it’s a no brainer. Free bet if you have a SportingBet account and you get a shot at R1 million.

And if you want to keep guessing, just stake a minimum of R1,000 a day to earn extra daily picks.Do it now though since its only 2 days away.

They even made things easy for you by regularly posting the odds of each team in the groups. So for Group A they have Brazil overwhelming favourites to top the group followed by Croatia. Easy peazey.

And besides the R1 million giveaway i’ll be making bets every week so open a damn account and we can play together. I’ll be crowd sourcing my bets and if  win will share it with one lucky reader.

Go to to get involved.

Follow @SportingbetSA to get regular updates and odds on all the  games.

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