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Zuma’s cabinet is one of the biggest in the world and will cost SA R1 billion
Posted by on May 28th, 2014

Here’s a few quick bits of SA political info to share at your office today. One of those ‘did you know?’ type facts you can casually throw out at the coffee machine and watch everyone shake their heads in disgust while you walk away looking like you know your sh*t. You can start off by saying that the bigger economies of Germany and Japan have 16 ministers and the USA has just 15 while Zuma has a cabinet of 35 ministers. Yes 35. And 37 deputy ministers.

Oh and Zuma’s new cabinet is expected to cost South Africans more than R1 billion a year.

Bet you also didn’t know that Obama’s 15 ministers don’t get housing perks or free flights hey. Unlike our SA ministers who enjoy substantial benefits on the gravy train.

“South Africa now has 35 ministers, each of whom earns about R2.1-million a year. The 37 deputy ministers will each earn R1.7-million. Zuma earns about R2.62-million a year and his deputy, Cyril Ramaphosa, gets R2.36-million .

Economist Mike Schussler said: “I’m not sure if a bigger cabinet is going to make a difference or just add to the cost of government.”

“It is estimated that the allocation for The Presidency will rise to R1.3-billion in the next three years.”[Times LIVE]

Ya…now you know.

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