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Sports interview FAIL of the week: reporter congratulates losing player [pic]
Posted by on May 27th, 2014

Got a double sports related fail for you this morning. Totally unrelated, but i may as well throw them both into a single post. First up is a reporter covering the French Open who got the priviledge of asking the first question in an interview with Nicolas Mahut who was eliminated in the first round on his home ground. Pity there’s no video footage of the incident, but here’s a transcript of what happened when the reporter congratulated him after his loss.

Haha! i enjoyed that last bit when Mahut asked for questions in French please after the English speaking reporter failed miserably at his job.

UPDATE: here’s the footage of the incident.

And here’s a bonus fail from a news reporter in the USA covering the recent Champions League final where Real Madrid won their tenth title. Please enjoy her brain stop working and her impressive mouth farting skills.

‘Real Madrid with errrrrr 10 errrrr’

Haha…excellent journalism by both reporters.

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