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Why Oscar Pistorius must be wrong: Is this the best analysis of what happened the night he shot Reeva?
Posted by on May 23rd, 2014

Now that Oscar Pistorius is no longer on the stand, his trial has moved from headlines around the world to brief snippets. A few weeks back the trial dominated the news with constant updates and everyone had an opinion. Interest has lessened so i went to do a quick check-up on the trial to see where things stand. That’s when i stumbled on probably the best bit of analysis on what happened the night Oscar Pistorius killed Reeva Steenkamp. And it comes from someone in London called Ros Godlovitch Chappell who is described as a modern day Agathie Christie and who has been studying the testimony and evidence to put the pieces of the puzzle together. And her account of events is damning…

I’m not gonna go into her entire analyis which includes her thoughts around why he is being sent for psychiatric evaluation, but read this section on why she believes Oscar must be wrong.

“an issue that did not feature was the IMPOSSIBILITY on this timeline that Reeva was alive when he found her if, as Pistorius claims, the first set of bangs was the gunshots.

There was a 12 to 14 minute interval between the sets of “shots”. But according to the state pathologist, Reeva died very quickly after the shot to the head. She only breathed a few times, and the defence agreed.

If Pistorius shot her just after 3:00, she COULD NOT have been alive when he pulled her out of the toilet at about 3:15, let alone a bit later when she was struggling to breathe and he put her head down softly on the carpet.

When Roux examined his client on the witness stand, he may have had an inkling of this problem; Pistorius stated that the interval between the two sets of bangs was about five minutes.

But this doesn’t help. Reeva could not have been alive even on this timeline. And it creates another anomaly: Four witnesses heard the second noises, argued to be the cricket bat, but NO ONE heard gunshots 5 minutes before the cricket bat bangs. ”

“According to Pistorius’ timeline, Reeva MUST have been dead when he found her.

But he insisted that she was alive, struggled to breathe, and died in his arms.  Could this be true in an alternative version?

Yes, but only if the door was banged with the cricket bat BEFORE shots were fired through it. And only if Pistorius could access Reeva immediately after he shot her.

This account is devastating for Pistorius’s version, but this must be what happened. Suddenly it all fits together. And the forensic evidence ties in with the State’s ear witnesses.” 

Chappell goes on to talk about the cracks in the door, what the neighbours heard and vital clues after the killing so go read her full anaysis HERE.

Very interesting.

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