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Petition for Lego to create a Mandela freedom fighter set…here’s a peek [video]
Posted by on May 23rd, 2014

Pretty much everything these days gets the Lego treatment so it’s surpising nobody has until now thought of turning Mandela’s legacy into a Lego story. Well SA marketing agency Quirk has done just that and started a petition for Lego to create a Mandela Freedom Fighter set. Given that the great man is no longer with us i reckon we should all sign the petition since you can never be too young to know the whole story. Let’s help them keep the legacy alive hey.

Google ran a competition via the Nelson Mandela Foundation and asked people to create a short Lego video based on Mandela’s life. Here’s Quirk’s effort, a 2 minute Lego movie based on the Long Walk To Freedom.

That ended up in the top three and you can help them win by signing the petition HERE.

Would be rad to see a Lego version of Madiba.

Good times.

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