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Chicken Licken becomes first SA food store to offer a secret menu via HackTheMenu
Posted by on May 23rd, 2014

Everyone loves to be in on a secret hey…revelling in the fact that other people have no idea that you know something they don’t. Now imagine being in a restaurant or standing in line at a fast food establishment then ordering something that doesn’t appear on the menu because you’re one of the very few who knows that a secret menu exists. Would make you feel rad right? Well that’s exactly what international website does and SA’s very own Chicken Licken is the first local brand to be featured. You will need a special invitation or password in order to get access to the secret menu, but i got you covered.

One of the items on the secret menu is a Cheesewich Top Deluxe. You won’t find it on the regular menu or any instore advertising and have to ask the tellers for it by name.

That is the incomplete secret menu (i cropped out the actual menu items) landing page you will only get access to once you’ve done the following.

  • Go to if you’re on a computer  then hold down the SHIFT key and type in 1981, the year the brand was founded. If you’re on a smart phone then go to the same site and tap the Chicken Licken logo 5 times.

Pretty rad hey. Go try it. It’s pretty cool to walk into a franchise store and order off a menu that not many other people knowabout. And you get your meal in a specially branded, sleek black box.

Chciken Licken is the first SA food brand to be listed on Hack The Menu, but there are plenty of international brands who have secret menus listed. Go check HERE.

Good times.

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