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Sports FAIL of the day: cyclist celebrates 1 lap too early…ends up coming 56th [video]
Posted by on May 21st, 2014

Ah..nothing like the feeling of winning hey. That moment you cross the line in first place and pump your fists in the air while the adrenalin surges through your veins and you revel in the glory of defeating your competitors. Well that’s exactly how Spanish cyclist Eloy Teruel must have felt when he went over the line during a recent stage of the Tour of California…except Eloy celebrated one lap too early and ended up coming 56th instead.

Please stand up and prepare your slowclap after watching Elroy fail at winning.


Love how pumped he was when he thought he won. From hero to zero in one lap.

Don’t worry Eloy…i’m slowclapping. In my eyes you win at life pal.

Good times.

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