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Scientists have discovered the bones of the world’s biggest dinosaur [pic]
Posted by on May 19th, 2014

Science geek boner alert (see what i did there):  Paleontologists are rejoicing at the recent discovery of what is likely the biggest dinosaur to have ever roamed the planet. The fossils of a titanosaur were discovered in Patagonia and it is estimated that the plant eating animal would have been 20 meters tall, 40 meters long and weighed around 77 tons.

Here’s a pic of the thigh bone in comparison to one of the team of scientists at the dig site.


Not a small bone… ( that’s what she said).

“Paleontologists in Argentina say they recently discovered fossils belonging to the largest dinosaur on record. During its lifetime, the new species of titanosaur is believed to have stood 65-feet-tall, was more than 130-feet-long, and weighed 77 tons (155,000 pounds).

“Given the size of these bones, which surpass any of the previously known giant animals, the new dinosaur is the largest animal known that walked on Earth,” researchers Dr. Jose Luis Carballido and Dr. Diego Pol told the BBC. [Yahoo]

Now you know.

I f**king love science.

biobot says:
May 05, 2014 at 12:30 pm

Reminds me of my ex-girlfriend.

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