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How rugby players settle a punch up on Twitter [pic]
Posted by on May 19th, 2014

It’s no secret that the overly dramatic diving and pretend injuries of soccer players grinds my tits and that i will never cease to compare them to rugby players who pride themselves on manning up and moving on. Until the day that soccer players stop acting like school girls i will keep on pointing out that the rugby guys will always gain more respect. Case in point…these two rugby players who got involved in an onfield punch-up and took to Twitter to settle their differences. England hooker, Tom Youngs, was on the recieving end of a left hook from Salesi Ma’afu who got sent off for his effort.

Youngs though took to Twitter after the game and instead of moaning sent out a pic of the incident and wished Salesi Ma’afu well in the final to which his rival responded with the following.

Salesi Ma’afu


Soccer players take notes…and keep them in your handbags to remind you the next time you think about diving like a fairy.

[thanks Sharky]

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