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The key witness against Shrien Dewani is this guy…The German Master, Europe’s leading S&M escort [pic]
Posted by on May 12th, 2014

Ah just when we thought that Barry Roux, Gerrie Nel and Oscar Pistorius were done providing us with court room drama and sensationalised headlines we have the news that a key witness in Shrien Dewani’s upcoming trial in South Africa will be a male S&M prostitute known as The German Master…who describes himself as Europe’s leading sadomasochism escort. 

Leopold Leisser claims that Dewani had 3 paid for sex sessions with him and will testify that Dewani told him that he needed to find a way out of his relationship with Anni.

Let’s take a look a Mr Leisser shall we…

That’s taken from Leisser’s website.

“Anni’s father Vinod Hindocha confirmed to the Sunday newspaper that Leisser was set to appear during the trial.

“He’s our key witness,” he said.

Leisser told the newspaper he could not comment: “It’s an ongoing matter. I’m sorry.” [News24]

Dewani appeared in court this morning and was ordered to remain at Valkenberg hospital to recieve further treatment and the case was postponed till June 20th.

Now you know.

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