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Teen gets Nando’s logo tattooed on his bum and is now upset they aren’t giving him free meals [pic]
Posted by on May 9th, 2014

Meanwhile in dumbass-ville…a 19 year old had the Nando’s name and logo tattooed on his ass cheek and is now upset with SA’s beloved flame grilled chicken franchise because they refuse to give him any free meals. Bradley Holman (yes fitting surname), who loves Nando’s so much he got the tattoo one night when drunk in the hopes he’d score the elusive Nando’s black card which gets you free meals for life. He emailed Nando’s headquarters and is now bleak because they turned down his request.

Let me quickly just interrupt this article to say a brief…


Nice try Brad.

“I emailed Nando’s to tell them that I got the tattoo of their chicken on my bum because I really liked the restaurant.

“I asked if they rewarded customer loyalty like this and they snubbed my questions saying they don’t give any free meals or vouchers to customers.

“I’m really angry about it. Surely I’m due something for my commitment to Nando’s. I just wanted a small token so I was gutted when they gave me nothing.” [Daily Mirror]

They should send him a bucket of chicken sphincters for his effort though.

Tasch.E says:
May 05, 2014 at 9:52 am

Wow… His sense of entitlement is astounding and his stupidity is… well lets just say that I have more pairs of stiletto heels than he has IQ points

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