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Ex-con Gayton McKenzie wrote an open letter to Julius Malema you should read
Posted by on Apr 24th, 2014

Gayton McKenzie, former bank robber, ex-convict and now president of the Patriotic Alliance party (or PAP?) has released an open letter addressed to EFF leader Julius Malema and no it didn’t begin with ‘hosh’ and end with ‘duidelik’. McKenzie actually wrote a pretty decent letter to Malema calling him the ‘biggest thief I have ever met’. Yes i know that’s a stretch coming from a former bank robber, but let’s hear him out hey.

Open letter: Gayton McKenzie writes to Con-mander in Thief Julius Malema

Did McKenzie really write that? Not that i don’t believe him, but can we sit him down in a room on his own and let him write another letter to Helen Zille and see how he does.

Either way i’m giving him the benefit of the doubt and hoping he really is trying to pay his debt to society.

Your move Malema…i anxiously await you’re response.

[via City Press]

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