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Brasilia’s National Stadium for the Fifa World Cup 2014 is the greenest arena in the world
Posted by on Apr 24th, 2014

Some more Fifa World Cup 2014 trivia for you courtesy of Supersport. Remember a few weeks ago i said in the run up to the World Cup i’ll be throwing out some interesting info you can use as bar ammo to impress your mates or your colleagues. Well today’s little nugget is about the grandly named Estádio Nacional de Brasília…or National Stadium Brasilia. The reconstructed stadium to be used for the Fifa World Cup and is being touted as the greenest arena in the world. It even has a sleep-mode to save £2.5m worth of energy a year. Fancy, but good on them for saving the environment and what not.

The reduced impact on the environment is due to several factors including:


Up to 50% of a stadium’s annual carbon emissions come from the various modes of transport used to arrive at the stadium. Brasilia’s National Stadium is centrally located within easy reach from all of the city’s hotels meaning that most fans will be able to walk to the grounds.

The stadium is also surrounded by 2.5 million ft2 of new green space featuring native fauna, restored ecological habitats, bike parking, reflecting pools and wetlands. The space also incorporates water retention ponds that allow for up to 50% greater water efficiency than national standards.

The Roof:

With its roof covered in 169,000 ft2 of solar panels, Estádio Nacional has the largest solar panel assembly in Brazil and generates enough energy to power 1,000 homes. The stadium’s solar panels generate approximately 3.5 million kilowatt hours a year, making full use of Brazil’s consistent heat.

The roof of the stadium is also coated in a white photocatalytic membrane, which neutralises air pollution on contact, and thanks to a high Solar Reflective Index, creates a reduced heat island effect.  

The large size and shape of the roof offers a further two benefits to the stadiums sustainability: natural shade and the ability to capture rainwater for reuse in restrooms and pitch irrigation.


Recycling and reusing are two philosophies that the National Stadium was quite literally built on. With recycled material from the original National Stadium (demolished to make way for the new, greener grounds) making up 95% of materials used in its construction, the sustainable approach has been considered from the beginning.


A truly impressive feature of Brasilia’s National Stadium is its ability to modulate energy demand so that outside of peak time the grounds effectively go into sleep-mode. This saves a considerable £2.5m worth of energy a year. 

Modern and eco-friendly. We like that. So if you’re lucky enough to attend one of the games being held there rest assured than your carbon footprint has been reduced.

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Now you know.

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