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Who said rugby players don’t dive and fake injury…this rugby fight is glorious [video]
Posted by on Apr 23rd, 2014

We all know soccer players have a reputation for faking injury in the hopes of tricking the referee into giving them a penalty or even get an opponent sent off hey. The dramatic ‘tv dive’ has been perfected over the years with some soccer stars regularly giving Oscar worthy performances. Their acting skills have long been frowned upon by the rugby community where no self respecting jock would ever be caught dead pretending to get hurt, but all that has changed with recent footage from a 7’s tournament showing two Samoan players engaged in the most girly rugby fight of all time.

Please take a seat and behold the air punch, delayed reaction and tv dive as demonstrated by our boy on the left there.

Somewhere in the world Suarez is watching that and just stood up and slowclapped.


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