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US Airways posts THE most offensive brand tweet of all time [pic]
Posted by on Apr 15th, 2014

If you missed it last night then please put your coffee down and behold quite likely the most offensive brand tweet of all time. As far as social media fails go this will go down as the reference to all future screw ups and community managers will no doubt use the excuse that ‘at least it’s not as bad as that US Airways tweet’. The tweet was posted last night and stayed up for about an hour before it was removed. It features a naked woman in a lewd position with a model airplane stuck in her lady hanger.

I was gonna show you the NSFW version but you can go look Google it. Its pretty clear though what she’s doing though.

She has raised the bar for social media fails.

UPDATE: the US Airways employee responsible for the tweet won’t be fired because it was an ‘honest mistake’. O_o

“The company had “investigated” the situation and determined that the picture was erroneously posted after a it was first tweeted at the account by a user. Then, in an attempt to flag the picture as inappropriate and notify Twitter, a US Airways employee accidentally ended up including it in its own tweet.” [Mashable]

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