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People Are Awesome 2014 – the GoPro headcam first person POV version [video]
Posted by on Apr 9th, 2014

So it’s been a good few days that Life is Savage has been down with an error connecting to the database, but website master developer @andrevr  flew in and saved the day. What a legend. If you ever need an expert developer then he’s your guy.

And speaking of awesome people…there’s a new People Are Awesome video out and it’s a perfect way to kick of this Wednesday and mark my return to the online world of posting useless random things that make your nipples and balls tingle. There have been several People Are Awesome videos in the past, but this is the 2014 headcam version so you can experience it from the athlete’s point of view.

Sit back and press play. Feel the awesome.

Told you it was rad.

people are awesome

How mental is that guy riding the motorbike on that narrow ridge.

Titanium balls.

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