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This guy claims he has proof the missing Malaysian plane landed at a secret US military airbase [video]
Posted by on Mar 31st, 2014

Ya hey…they are still searching for that missing Malaysian Airlines plane MH370 and while the focus has been on finding debris in the vast oceans near Australia there are few theories out there as to what could have happened. They range from hijacking, fires on board and all the way to Bermuda Triangle type disappearances, cloaking devices and even aliens. Here’s a new theory though doing the rounds and this dude claims the plane actually landed at Diego Garcia, a highly secret US military airbase near the Maldives, and he has proof.

That’s the location of Diego Garcia.

And here’s our boy explaining why he thinks the plane landed at the Area 51 type airbase.

It’s worth saying that a few other people have added that no flights were scheduled on March 8 at the normally busy Diego Garcia airbase. The day the plane went missing.

[insert dun dun dun sound clip here]

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