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J Crew SA also has no connection to the famous J.Crew brand from the US [pic]
Posted by on Mar 17th, 2014

Lots of media attention around my post last week on the fact that Polo SA has no link to the iconic Polo Ralph Lauren brand HERE, and over the weekend i was told that it isn’t the only example of clothing brand confusion in South Africa. The J Crew brand sold in South Africa also has no connection to the popular J.Crew in the US.  The only thing seperating the two being that the US brand, popularised by First Lady Michelle Obama, has a full stop in the name while the SA one lacks a full stop.

Same same but different.

The bottom pic is from the J Crew store in Tygervalley, but i’m sure there is one at the V&A Waterfront as well.

“The brand J CREW was first registered in South Africa by Queenspark’s holding company Rex Trueform Clothing Company Limited in 1987,” explains Alan Hodgkinson, Queenspark Company Secretary – the holding company for the retailer. He continues:  “It was used continuously by Rex Trueform since about 1990 and the trademarks J CREW and CREW were assigned to Queenspark in 2002.”

“We agree that the name is similar to the J. CREW brand marketed in the U.S.A. and elsewhere,” he says.” [ifashion]

Now you know.

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