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This parkour FAIL compilation will make you laugh and cringe [video]
Posted by on Mar 12th, 2014

It’s Wednesday and what better way to kick off bro day on Life is Savage than to watch gravity work it’s magic and get the better of a few freerunning wannabes. Did you know that the word ‘parkour’ is French for ‘this is a dumb idea and your dumbass is gonna fail’? Not really, but it should be considering that most of the people in this compilation of fails should never have attempted running on railings or jumping across rooftops in the first place.

‘Run at full speed across these poles’ they said…’you won’t get hurt they said’.

freerunning fail compilation

Not so much

Anyways…prepare to shake your head, laugh and cringe at these failed parkour attempts.

For me the funniest is when they are mid-air and realise that sh*t is not gonna end well so they try in vain to recover the jump. Sorry for you pal.

And then they get up and pretend like they didn’t get hurt.

Meanwhile one testicle.

Jared says:
March 03, 2014 at 7:13 am

Standing slow clap….

Made my balls scrunch up and hide in some of those.

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