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Eskom – Rolling blackouts will continue today and probably most of next week
Posted by on Mar 7th, 2014

Brace yourself folks, the loadshedding and rolling blackouts from Eskom that took much of SA by surprise yesterday will continue today (Friday 7 March) and probably for most of next week.

Tony Stott, a senior manager at Eskom, said the rolling blackouts would continue “from now until the rain stops”.

“I don’t see how the situation can improve overnight, so we will have load shedding on Friday (today).

“the weather forecast is that it will rain until Thursday or Friday next week, so load shedding could go on right into next week. [Cape Times]

Don’t worry about the weekend though. Apparently there will be no power cuts on Saturday and Sunday due to decreased demand from businessess.

And if you still aren’t clear why Eskom has declared an emergency and started roling blackouts then here:

“Over the last week, Eskom depleted its dry coal stockpiles at some power stations due to the rainy weather conditions. This contributed to severe system constraints due to lower output as a result of wet and poor quality coal,” he said.

This was, however, not the only reason for the shortfall in electricity supply.

“Last night, Eskom lost three units at Kendall power station (in Mpumalanga), as well as they had to reduce output at other power stations,” Gigaba said.

Low dam levels at power stations in the Drakensberg and Palmiet pumped storage schemes had also compounded the “power emergency”. [iol]

Now you know.

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