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Petrol price in SA expected to go up again next month…more than 30 cents/litre
Posted by on Feb 20th, 2014

Sigh..i’ve already been a grumpy f**ker this week and posted a few rants and now comes news that the price of petrol in SA is likely to go up again next month. Estimates are that petrol will go up more that 30 cents a litre in March. Didn’t it just go up like a month ago. If that’s the case then the price of petrol in Gauteng will go over R14 a litre.

Yes this.

petrol price SA

I know it’s not only the petrol companies screwing us and that the weak Rand and blah blah blah is also to blame, but who cares what the reason is. It still sucks giant hairy balls.

“Motorists could expect another “substantial” fuel price hike next month, said the Automobile Association (AA) of South Africa.”

“Reggie Sibiya, chief executive of the Fuel Retailers Association, said current estimates suggested the petrol price would increase by 32 cents a litre and diesel by 26 cents a litre. ” [iol]


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