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Nat Geo’s snake-handling pastor who said God protected him from snakes has died…of a snakebite
Posted by on Feb 18th, 2014

And in other obviously obvious news. The pastor from National Geographic’s ‘Snake Salvation’ reality show, who believed that poisonous snakes cannot kill him because he is protected by God’s power, has died…of a snakebite.

Pastor Jamie Coots died on Saturday evening after being bitten by a rattlesnake and refusing treatment because he believed the Bible says poisonous snakebites will not harm believers as long as they are anointed by God.

All together now nana naaa na, nana naaa na, hey heeeeeyy…

jamie coots

That’s pastor Jamie showing off that a true believer will never be killed by a serpent.

Not so much.

“Jamie Coots, the Appalachian minister and “Snake Salvation” reality star who died Saturday after a rattlesnake he was handling in church bit him on the hand, will be remembered with a tribute special to air on National Geographic Channel.

Coots, who was 42, was the star of NatGeo’s “Snake Salvation,” which aired for a single season on the cable channel last year. He handled snakes while ministering at his church in Middleboro, Ky. He was a practitioner of a 100-year-old tradition that involved the handling of live and deadly snakes in church. He believed he was anointed with God’s power and if he was bit, he would be protected from the venom.” [LA Times]

And if you’ve never seen Pator Jamie demonstrating how much faith he had while handling venomous snakes then here you go.

Rene says:
February 02, 2014 at 7:07 am

Sounds like Justified.

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