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Cape Town to get a surfing wave pool park…kinda maybe
Posted by on Feb 18th, 2014

Lots of talk in the media about Cape Town getting it’s very own surfing wave pool after an eccentric Australian surfboard designer and wave pool entrepreneur mentioned it in an interview recently. Saw a few news sites and surfing websites report that CT will be getting a wave pool, but here’s the thing…this is a thin ass possibility at best. For starters the dude hasn’t even built the first one in Australia yet which is expected to be completed in September 2015. Yes end of next year. He still has to negotiate with the council and then construction takes a year. And then he says “if this is successful, the next two pools will be in South Africa, near Cape Town, and in Florida”.

Did you get that…he said “if”.

So basically it’s the same as me saying i have an idea for a race track on Uranus in the year 2089. I will build it if i win the super mega lotto, but first i must get approval from the Uranus alien council who are concerned about endangered native frog species. Then ‘IF’ and only if it is successful i maybe kinda will build one in Cape Town.

Anyways…here’s what the eccentric surfer dudes wavepool may look like.

Or this depending on which website you use as a source. Because nobody actually knows what the f**k the dude is planning.

HERE is the original interview with the wave pool creator.

Right..rant over let’s move along shall we.

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