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That Facebook post of the bleeding DA member injured by ‘flying bricks’ is from 2012 [pic]
Posted by on Feb 13th, 2014

See i wasn’t gonna say much more about my previous post on the DA march in Joburg HERE, but some folks on Facebook are grating my tits on my case saying i’m claiming that the ANC supporters never threw bricks. One went the sarcastic route and said “I always carry a brick with me, in case of a building emergency. Never for throwing.” Now if you read my damn post i started off saying that social media and politics are a sure recipe for people to spice sh*t up for their own agenda. I even posted a very clear GoPro video of yesterday’s DA march showing the ANC supporters clashing with police and them picking up and holding bricks. I merely questioned why there are no pictures or footage of ANC supporters actually throwing the bricks.

Then i get sent this on Facebook along with a link to the News24 article on ‘Flying Bricks stop DA march”.

Except that image has f**kall to do with yesterday’s march and is instead a pic taken in 2012.

See now this is exactly my point about people trying to manipulate the circumstances for their own purposes.

HERE is a link to that image from 2012 when the DA marched on Cosatu on Youth Day.


February 02, 2014 at 11:15 am

Glad I wasn’t there …

Bit difficult to dodge a flying brick …

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