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GoPro footage showing police clashing with ANC supporters during the DA March on 12/02/2014 [video]
Posted by on Feb 13th, 2014

Lots of discussion around the Democratic Alliance march in Johannesburg yesterday and while watching it unfold on social media may give live updates it unfortunately suffers from the broken telephone effect. One person says something that’s unconfirmed or misinterpreted and before you know it the picture or tweet gets sent around the country and assumed it’s true. Yesterday was a great example and made worse by the fact it had political motives. People have a tendancy to spice sh*t up when it comes to politics so obviously i was skeptical when i heard reports of bricks being thrown by ANC supporters, police using stun grenades along with rubber bullets to disperse ANC crowds. There was even widespread reports of petrol bombs being thrown.

I saw pics of ANC members holding bricks, but none of them actually throwing bricks. Seeing bricks on the ground is not proof that they were thrown. It’s just as plausible they were dropped there. Now i’m not saying they didn’t throw bricks…i just want some to show me a picture of it.  Well i went digging for footage and you won’t get better than this…actual GoPro footage from a photographer who walked amoungst the ANC suporters and police showing clashes, stun grenades and rubber bullets being used etc.

Great footage that.

No actual brick throwing captured or petrol bombs.

But i also found this footage though..flames on the ground at the 30 second mark.

Make of it what you will.

February 02, 2014 at 7:46 am

Love how ALL the photographers that were there are wearing bicycle-helmets or construction-helmets …

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