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Motorcyclist with young child on the back doing 100km/h on the N1 causes outrage [pic]
Posted by on Feb 11th, 2014

Ya we all know that South African drivers are capable of some ridiculous acts of stupidity, but contender for top honours this year goes to this chap on a motorbike spotted doing 100 km/h on the N1 in Cape Town on Friday.

biker with toddler
Apparently the number plate is not registered, but surprisingly there is no age restriction when it comes to a motorbike passenger. Yes that does sound absurd, but it’s the law.

“Provincial Traffic Chief Kenny Africa told Weekend Argus on Friday night that the passenger definitely looked younger than five, and had his or her legs wrapped around the body of the driver.

“We looked for a chance (to charge him) within the Children’s Act. There was nothing.”

Based on the position of the child’s feet, the motorcyclist can however be changed in terms of the Road Traffic Act. He could be served with a fine or even a court appearance based on the evidence.” [iol]

Be safe people…don’t end up on those fail video compilations.

[pic via @CapeTalk567]

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