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Daddy Digs It: this amazing folding Evolution Door [video]
Posted by on Feb 11th, 2014

Don’t think i’ve done a “Daddy Digs It” post this year yet, but i saw this design the other day and i want…so will you. I’ve said before that i’ll only post things in the ‘daddy digs it” category if they comply with a few criteria. One is that it doesn’t neccessarily have to be expensive…it only needs to blow your mind a little, make your friends jealous and make your sh*t look cool. Now you’d never expect this from a simple door, but press play and tell me this kinetic Evolution Door isn’t awesome.

If my nipples could slow clap they would be doing so right now.

Yes..that door is the sh*t. Told you you will want one.

[thanks @jontyfisher]

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