No Banner to display now selling discount camping tents for R1.5 million [pic]
Posted by on Feb 5th, 2014

It’s Wednesday so some childish humour is in order and this time with some local flavour courtesy of SA online shop wantitall who are now selling a family camping tent at the bargain price of nearly R1.5 million.

I say bargain because the original retail price was R1 493 457  but their price is R1 492 189 million…you save a whole R1268!


If dropping R1.5 million is too pricey for you then you can always look for something a tad smaller hey…a six person tent for the less flashy camper at only R950 000 .

You won’t have the bragging rights of saying you spent a bar on a camping tent, but hey it’s pretty close.

And if you really must be one of those people and choose to slum it then there are a few tents going for R380k and R182k. May as well be sleeping in a black bag though.

Click HERE to browse their selection of not-so-cheap discount tents.

[thanks @eel]

Rene says:
February 02, 2014 at 11:30 am

Wantitall and their prices. A few years back I was looking at the colours you get in food colouring and saw they had black food colouring (and other colours) going for R800. It wasn’t a bulk price, it was for one small little bottle. I even went as far as sending them an email saying there must be a mistake on their site, but got a very angry reply back that it is no mistake and if I can find it cheaper elsewhere I should just go and buy it there. I then drove to a shop down the road and bought exactly the same brand, same size for under R10.

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