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The tourists who got attacked by the Kruger elephant now say the SA group filming them left them for dead
Posted by on Jan 28th, 2014

Remember a few weeks when i posted that video of the tourists whose car was tipped over by an angry elephant in the Kruger National Park HERE. Well it was obvious that it would go viral, especially after the elephant was put down after the attack, and  you only need to read through the comments of that post to see how upset people were. The majority said the tourists were to blame for driving toward the bull elephant and ignoring the signs that it was about to charge. Well the couple attacked in the vehicle have finally spoken out and given their side of the story…for starters they say the South African occupants of the vehicle who filmed the incident left them for dead.

The female driver from the UK also said that she tried to reverse, but accidentally slipped the car into first gear.

Given their version of how the attack occured i definitely think it’s plausible that she panicked and got paralysed by fear. I mean when was the last time a fully grown bull elephant attacked your car? I’m guessing most of the people directing the anger towards the tourists woulda shat themselves and have no idea how they would have reacted.

Anyways here’s more of what they had to say.

‘It was horrendous,’ she says. ‘The elephant was coming towards us, so I swung round to do a three-point turn but couldn’t get it into reverse. I completely freaked.

‘I wasn’t used to the car. The gears were on a different side. We kept trickling forwards. Jans said: “What are you doing?”

‘Then we panicked. I stopped the car and we said: “Right, let’s keep as still as we possibly can.” I have no idea why, but I turned the ignition off.” [Mail Online]

As for the tourists who filmed them…

“‘I was in more of a panic afterwards. We thought the car that was behind us would still be there, but it was gone.’

‘That’s the thing that’s upset me more than anything. They said they thought we were dead, and told us later they didn’t have any space in the car.’
“‘We could have sat on their laps …

‘The park ranger wouldn’t talk to them when they went to show him the video. He said: “What the hell were you doing? Why didn’t you help them?” [Mail Online]

News24 spoke to the makers of the video who said they called the emergency call desk but there was minimal reception so they drove off to the nearest camp to get help.


What do you make of these new revelations hey?

And go read THIS from 6000 Miles from Civilisation about the attack and especially the comments by readers.

Thabz says:
January 01, 2014 at 11:44 am

But really, how were the tourists who filmed supposed to help them other than going back to get the park rangers? That elephant just flipped that car like a pancake, there’s not much one can do to “help” in that situation.

And as as for “We could have sat on their laps”, if the tourists were on foot or running – perhaps. But seeing that the elephant was already juggling the car. It’s no use waiting about for it to finish because it could have been them next – I’m of the opinion that the filming tourist did the right thing by driving off (they were scared too, remember).

Liesl says:
January 01, 2014 at 11:44 am

Yeah right?
They couldn’t have pressed the brakes miles before the elephant started charging?
Also what the heck did they want the other people to do? Intervene?

If people can’t be responsible in the park, they should get tour guides to drive them…

January 01, 2014 at 11:44 am

It is really easy to sh*t someone else for doing something incorrectly, but if that person were there in that situation – things would possibly have gone the same way.

When someone is mesmerised by fear – reactions take different turns.

Regarding the person that filmed the ordeal – there’s not much that they could do – unless they owned guns (but that would be problematic as only rangers should have guns). I doubt that those that filmed the ordeal would bother to hoot at this elephant because they would have been next.

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