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Here’s why your internet in SA has been slow lately – a simple explanation from experts
Posted by on Jan 23rd, 2014

Slow internet connection? You’re not alone. I had a slower than usual connection the other day so i did some digging and discovered that the entire ADSL network all over South Africa has been suffering from poor performance recently…and here’s why. Apparently Telkom has identified the problem and have a temporary solution in place while they work on the fault. This still doesn’t explain what the issue is so i did some further investigation and came across this very simple official explanation.

“Growth in traffic can lead to poor performance if the last mile infrastructure was upgraded and the backhaul network from the aggregation point to the core was not upgraded enough to cater for this,”

Thanks guys..i feel so much better now that you explained it so simply so everyone can understand.

The tech guys over at Mybroadband did some more checking and

“Internet service providers (ISPs), when queried about the issues, pointed to delays in receiving additional wholesale ADSL (IP Connect) capacity, and problems caused by the free ADSL speed increase implemented by Telkom.”

“It seems the ADSL circuits have been upgraded but bandwidth from the exchange has not,”

“The way in which Telkom implemented its free line speed upgrades also caused them headaches when planning the amount of wholesale ADSL capacity they would need” [read more at Mybroadband]

Well ok then.

Now you know why your interwebs is not working as it should.

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