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2 new jean pant criminals spotted: one doing squats in jeans and another in jeans, headband and weight belt [pics]
Posted by on Jan 20th, 2014

2013 was a landmark year for jean pant criminal f**kery hey. Not only did we witness a definite increase in the sightings of people working out at gym in jeans in South Africa, but we also had documented photographic proof of several never-before-seen specimens like the guy training in faded jeans and smart square toed shoes and the guy cycling in jeans on the stationary bike…with a man bag. It’s no surprise then that just 20 days into 2014 we already have several sightings including these two submissions.

The rare jean pant criminal doing squats in jeans spotted in Durban.

Do you even lift bro…in jeans.

And then we have this jean pant criminal at the lat pull down machine who is the first specimen ever to be documented wearing a weight belt. Proof that the JPC’s are concerned with lower back injuries.

Oh and please note the makeshift head band. Never seen that before either. Must be to stop the peroxide from running into the eyes. Got a whole karate kid thing going along with those loose-fit jeans.

No bru.


Your own ass is even so embarrassed it’s trying to eat your jeans.

Not even a month into 2014 and already we have the jean pant criminals throwing out some next level sh*t.

[thanks Storm and Betty]

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