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Cape Town named as the top destination for 2014 by the NY Times [pic]
Posted by on Jan 13th, 2014

Not a bad way to start the week off knowing that one of the world’s leading news publications has named your city as the top destination to visit in 2014 hey. The esteemed NY Times named 52 places to go to and Cape Town cracked the nod as the world’s top destination for 2014. Make some more space in the trophy cabinet because even Americans are now getting wise about our Cape Town.

cape town top destination

We all know that Europeans regularly name Cape Town as the world’s top destination, but now that the NY Times has jumped on the bandwagon expect a whole brace of Americans coming to our shores wondering everyone wants them to ‘buy a donkey’.

Cape Town, South Africa. A place to meditate on freedom, and the creative life that followed” [NY Times]

Good times.

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