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Incredible Connection gives us the first glorious typo of 2014 [pic]
Posted by on Jan 6th, 2014

2014 has barely kicked off and already brands are setting the benchmark with some awkward spelling fails. Cue top South African electronics store, Incredible Connection, who are offering this Solo Black Shox speaker for R299.

Very simple operating instructions…no wait.


Haha! And the first standing slow clap of 2014 goes to Incredible Connection. Outstanding work chaps! The typo is still at the online store HERE so you may wanna remove that extra ‘o’.

Speaking of poop did you see the advertising fail i posted on Friday. The Australian burger print ad HERE that was banned after users complained that putting a burger patty between a woman’s naked ass cheeks was a tad gross. Ya not ideal marketing that.

[thanks Q]

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