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People are awesome 2013-2014…a compilation of epic moments from 2013 [video]
Posted by on Jan 3rd, 2014

Life is Savage won’t be back in full operation till Monday, but i’m sitting at the laptop doing some admin so i thought i may as well throw in a few compilation videos will i’m here. There are plenty of ‘best of’ videos released at the end of every year and some are just meh, but i looked around and found some of the better ones for you.

First up is the People Are Awesome 2013-2014 compilation. A collection of the epic moments that took place during 2013. Great visuals, pumping soundtrack and super-slow motion highlights that will inspire and impress your lazy ass.

Some quality moments in that compilation. I totally wanna do that base jump from the cliff in Greece.

Bring on 2014.


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