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The Knysna Pick n Pay still employs the spelling fail champion [pics]
Posted by on Dec 17th, 2013

Ya hey..i’ve been in Knysna the past few days and the trip would be incomplete without a visit to the local Pick n Pay. It’s become a pilgrimage to visit the PnP since that day i walked in a few years ago and spotted the most glorious collection of label spelling fails all within one store. I’ve been back every year since and while the spelling on the price labels has improved they still deserve a slowclap.

These from my recent visit..nothing spectacular, but still a fail.

First up they are selling this chicken i dunno what.

Still trying to figure out what a chicken poem is.

And then a new variety of Brut.

Makes you smell like a dead guy.

There were a few other minor spelling fails, but i’m not even gonna bother with those.

But please enjoy these previous fails spotted at the Knysna PnP.


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