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Here’s the controversial Obama selfie at the Mandela memorial service [pic]
Posted by on Dec 11th, 2013

A photo of US President Barack Obama taking a smiling selfie at the memorial service of Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg yesterday is getting global attention with critics calling it disrespectful and lacking in decorum. Obama is getting flack for taking a ‘funeral selfie’ and i watched as the image spread over social media accompanied by negative reactions. Here’s the thing though…it wasn’t a funeral service. It was a memorial service with everyone celebrating the great mans life. People were walking around, smiling, laughing and swopping seats. Also it wasn’t an isolated incident…several other world leaders were spotted taking pics of themselves and posting them on social media platforms.

obama selfie mandela funeral

Then there’s the matter of it’s not even Obama taking the selfie. He just got roped in by Danish PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt and so did British PM David Cameron. They’d been sitting there for a good couple of hours and let’s be honest…there were moments that could put even a metrh addict to sleep. So i bet the Danish PM pulled out her phone and said ‘hey you two, look lively and get involved’. Would be rather awkies if Obama said no and just sat there.

So i dunno what the big deal is.

If anything Michelle Obama’s reaction is what we should be focussing on.

It’s obvious who wears the pants at the White House.

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