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New jean pant criminals: a giant in skinny jeans on a stationary bike and a dude in a leather jacket [pics]
Posted by on Dec 9th, 2013

I’m not sure if it’s just the festive season kicking off or if the jean pant criminals had their annual general meeting and they decided to up the level of f**kery, but two specimens were spotted this weekend that are hard to believe.

In Cape Town a reader spotted an absolute giant jean pant criminal on a stationary bike cycling in skinny jeans and in Pretoria the first ever sighting was documented of a jean pant criminal working out in jeans and a leather biker jacket.

I can’t anymore with this sh*t.

The reader in CT couldn’t actually believe his eyes when a guy he describes as close to 7 foot tall just dwarfed the stationary bike in front of him and started peddaling in skinny dark blue Levi jeans. He snapped this photo.

How big is that dude compared to the bike! Props to the person who took that picture at such close range. Very risky considering that guy looks like he could eat a buffalo for breakfast.

And then we have this chap in Pretoria who is the first ever jean pant criminal to be spotted training not only in jeans, but in a leather biker jacket.

Pretoria i shake my head at you.

That is next level.

[thanks Si and Chris]

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