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Best e-toll selfie so far goes to this guy [pic]
Posted by on Dec 4th, 2013

So the controversial e-tolls went into operation in Gauteng yesterday and besides the traffic mess with people trying to take alternate routes, there was enough visible defiance from the public sending a clear message to government that motorists are not happy with Sanral and think they are getting screwed. Saw several pictures of people who blocked out their number plates and a few of people taking pictures from within their vehicles giving the e-toll gantries the middle finger.

Best pic of the day though goes to this chap. Don’t ask questions about how he got the image, whether it may be photoshopped (shadows) or why both hands are off the steering wheel.

Just enjoy him sticking it to the man.

etoll selfie

And all the slowclaps go to that guy today.

Unless someone manages to get a picture with a passenger mooning the camera. Then they will get all the f**k-you-Sanral points.

[via @RickVenter]

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