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The FAIL compilation for November 2013 is here [video]
Posted by on Dec 2nd, 2013

The fail compilation for the month of November 2013 is one of the more painful compilations that’s been featured and while there are of plenty ‘haha dumbass’ moments, there are more than a few clips that are more ‘oh sh*t that hurt’ than funny. Either way, you will probably laugh or shake your head at people doing dumb stuff and recieving a healthy does of karma for it.

Oh and there are few cute ones thrown in that are just kids being awesome.

Ha…that clip made me happy.

Anyways here’s the rest. 11 min of fails to start off your week feeling better about yourself.

Ya..told you there were some videos in there that are more eina than funny.

[via Twisternederland]

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