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Jean Pant Criminal spotted in CT cycling in flared jeans on a recumbent exercise bike [pic]
Posted by on Dec 2nd, 2013

Thankfully we’ve had a couple of weeks where no jean pant criminals were spotted, but it obviously wasn’t gonna last long and of course someone sent in a picture of a guy working out at a Cape Town gym in jeans. I stand corrected, but i do think it’s the first time we’ve seen someone in jeans, cycling on a recumbent exercise bike. Not the upright one, but the bike you sit in like a chair.

And i also think that this is the first time a jean pant criminal picture has been submitted that actually has some artistic merit. Most previous submissions are either blurry or at a distance. This one has a ethereal quality to it hey. Jean pant criminal just casually peddaling on a stationary bike while staring at a dude facing a wall illuminated by a divine glow.

I’m gonna interpret it as the heavens turning their back on the jean pant criminals and casting out the f**kery of training at gym in jeans.

jean pant criminal

Some symbolic sh*t that.

Jesus is not happy with the jean pant criminals either.

[thanks Elmari]

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