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PSA: Get 2 free cab rides a month for only R20 with the Designated Driver Assist programme
Posted by on Nov 29th, 2013

Right listen up…you know i love you right? Your general wellbeing and happiness is important to me and our relationship involves me giving you rad free stuff sometimes and also telling you about things that will make your life simpler or more awesome. This is one of those times where i’m gonna do the latter and at the same time hopefully rope you in to improve the society we live in. It’s no secret that drunk driving is one of things that grinds my balls and in the past i’ve posted several articles in an attempt to change the mindset of South Africans. Unfortunately the stupidity of getting behind the wheel of a vehicle when drunk is still prevalent and until we all work together to eradicate it, the least we can do is spread the word and highlight ideas that give us an alternative to drinking and driving. We already have a rapidly improving public transport system as well as several outstanding taxi/chauffeur services and now anoher option has been added to the mix…how does two free cab rides a month for just R20 sound? Thought so. Well that’s exactly what the Designated Driver Assist programme from Dial Direct is offering.

They will even dispatch 2 drivers to come pick your drunk self up so you and your vehicle get home safely. Carefree drinking twice a month for R20.

Yes i know you gonna say it probably involves getting insurance and what not, but come now…you’re a Life is Savage reader and while i know you give it horns when you go out partying i also expect your ass to be responsible about it. Besides you should be insuring your car anyways so this just adds onto that. I don’t want you going to jail and effing up your future, or even worse killing yourself or someone else. Don’t be that person who thinks it’s cool to drive home drunk. You’re not cool.

Ok i’m starting to sound preachy now, but i long for the day South Africans act like first world citizens and frown upon drunk driving like they do in other countries. It should be totally unacceptable and a no brainer to get home via other means. It shouldn’t even be an option.

Right i’m digressing so i’m gonna get to the point. I was gonna tell you a long story about that one time at bandcamp when i got drunk with Red Hot Chilli Peppers and decided to drive home and i ended up with a written-off Ferrari, a very angry little person and hamster in my shoe, but let’s not go there.

Instead i’m get send you over to Dial Direct and their Designated Driver Assist programme HERE. I’m not gonna force you to sign up because you’re a grown ass person and can make the decision yourself, but bare in mind you get 2 free cab rides for only R20. That’s not even the price of one of the beers that made you drunk.

And for shit’s and giggles i’m throwing in these drunk texts that the folks at Dial Direct compiled to go with their new programme.

Ha..sounds familiar.

Some more of those drunk texts HERE.

Now get involved and don’t drink and drive. Make a plan. I just gave you another alternative so no excuses to be that drunk idiot who drives home.

Steve from Beep Bank says:
November 11, 2013 at 12:42 pm

Two free rides for R20?

How are they free if they cost R10 each?

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