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Pink Star diamond mined in South Africa sells for record R854 million [pic]
Posted by on Nov 14th, 2013

The record for the highest price ever paid for any gemstone at auction was broken yesterday when the SA mined Pink Star diamond was sold by Sotheby’s in Geneva for a ridiculous R854 million. The stone was mined by De Beers in 1999 in South Africa. A few days ago i bitched and moaned at the painting by Francis Bacon which sold for over a R1 billion HERE and now this. Someone actually paid $83 million for a shiny pink stone. Ok so it’s a diamond, but when all is said and done it’s really just a sparkly see-through stone.

Call me cynical or whatever, but to me forking out an absurd amount of money to buy what is essentially a kak painting by a guy who died centuries ago or a stone that looks like pink glass is some dumb sh*t i’ll never understand.

“A 59.60-carat pink diamond sold for $83 million, a record for any gemstone at auction.

The oval-cut stone’s price exceeded the previous record by 82 percent at an auction last night in Geneva held by Sotheby’s, which called the gem one of the earth’s greatest natural treasures. Those prices include the buyer’s premium.” [Bloomberg]

I mean really spending all that money on a klippie. Come now…i’d totally use it to buy something essential like beer.

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