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Private Bloemfontein game reserve offers ‘authentic shantytown experience’ [pic + video]
Posted by on Nov 12th, 2013

Meanwhile in Bloemfontein…a five star private game reserve is offering an ‘authentic shantytown experience’ to guests. Your wealthy priviledged ass can experience staying in a shanty within the safe confines of a private game reserve. Paraffin lamps, candles, a battery operated radio and outside longdrop toilets included, but fear not they havn’t left you completely without your essential first world needs. They included wireless internet access and underfloor heating. Can’t have your precious footsies getting cold now can we.


The game reserve and it’s shantytown experience has been doing the rounds on SA social media over the past few days and even sparked the ire of Daily Maverick opionista Marelise Van Der Merwe.

“Please note the ultra-PC use of “house” in quotation marks, by the way, lest you be silly enough to mistake a shack-dweller’s house for a real home – you know, where actual, real people live actual, real lives. (How clever of them to make a “normal living”!) The holiday resort I had spotted, which can be viewed in all its glory here, is part of a luxury hotel and spa, and boasts “completely safe and child friendly” facilities, which should be your first clue that it’s really nothing like your average township. Further, it rather ironically offers you a “unique accommodation experience”, which I find especially hilarious, considering the millions of South Africans that live in shantytowns all over the country” [DM]

What she said.

How do we feel about this ‘unique’ shanty town experience this Bloem private reserve is offering hey?

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