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World’s highest flying push-up will blow your mind [video]
Posted by on Nov 11th, 2013

So a lot of you exercise junkies and crossfit loving people will no doubt know what a flying push up is…you know, a standard push up where your hands and feet leave the ground. It’s a step up from the regular push up where only your hands leave the ground and you clap in mid-air.

Well i bet you didn’t know that there is actually a world record for the highest flying push-up and it will blow your damn mind.

Cue Ahmed Kerigo and his absolutely ridiculous 1.37 meter lying push up onto a stack of steps.

And here’s the video.

Ok so he doesn’t quite leap to the top in one go, but hey give that man some credit. That looks insanely difficult and with the added obstacle that if you miss your face will eat the floor.

Someone in SA try that and post a video.

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